What is INMODE Lifting?

INMODE is the lifting procedure that promotes the production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid and melts fat, improving double chins and skin elasticity. 

INMODE laser is a safe and effective equipment that has been approved by both the US FDA and KFDA.

INMODE Lifting is recommended if:

  • You are concerned about gradual skin sagging due to aging

  • You want to improve your chin line or double chin

  • You want to improve facial wrinkles

  • You are worried about sagging and lack of elasticity in your facial skin

  • You have excess fat on your face

Tip 1. You can get Ulthera and INMODE lifting at the same time to increase effectiveness and sustainability for longer than a year.

Ultrasonic waves + High Frequency = higher effectiveness and sustainability 

INMODE Lifting Features

Mini FX

Fat removal lifting

Mini fx is the procedure that removes fat cells using high voltage, high-frequency waves. It is useful for areas with lots of sagging such as double chin, buccal fat, smile line, etc.


Collagen Tightening

In this procedure, gradually rising heat promotes collagen and elastin production which leads to the improvement of skin elasticity and tightening.

Effects of INMODE Lifting

Case 1. Removing double chin

Case 2. Selectively removes the excess fat unlike liposuction

Case 3. INMODE targets only the fat layer

You can improve your sagging skin along with getting facial contouring.



FX mode 15 mins / Forma mode 15-20 mins


Not required


Immediately after the procedure


6 Months